Wide-Field Lensing Mass Maps from DES Science Verification Data
Vikram, V., Chang, C., Jain, B., Bacon, D., Amara, A.,
Becker, M., Bernstein, G., Bonnett, C., Bridle, S., Brout, D., Busha, M., Frieman, J., Gaztanaga,E., Hartley, W., Jarvis, M., Kacprzak, T., Lahav, O., Leistedt, B., Lin, H., Melchior, P., Peiris, H., Rozo, E., Rykoff, E., Sanchez, C., Sheldon, E., Troxel, M., Wechsler, Zuntz, J., and The DES Collaboration

Key figures from the paper:

Mass map with moon for scale (top left)

Mass map with images of two galaxy clusters and a cosmic void

Mass map with locations of galaxy clusters

Cross correlation of mass and light